Music Video Around 2006 – Boy riding bicycle in abandoned mental hospital


I saw this music video as a kid on a swedish tv. I was very creeped out by out, and thats exactly why i want to see it again lol. Im pretty sure it mustve been set in an abandoned place. And it really looked like a mental hospital. It was very much something that couldve been in a horror movie.

I remember a big room with white ceramic tiles on the walls. And the lighting was typical mental hospital, those really bright and cold lamps. There was a boy there. He was riding a bicycle. I clearly remember seeing the wheels of the bicycle.

And at some point i think there was this really weird shot of his belly.. He did some belly-dance-roll. And then there was also this green gooey liquid. I dont know what the liquid was or anything. I just remember it being there.

I dont remember much about the music. But if i were to guess id say it was some experimental electronic, or maybe rock.

It was on the SVT channel, the show was called “Trackslistan” where they listed the current hits and clips from their videos. (Note that it doesnt have to be a song from sweden though). The host was Gonza. I think it mustve been in 2006. Could also be 2007. The songs mustve been on the list for at least a few weeks, because i remember seeing it several times. I have searched in Trackslistan archive, but i havent found it :/

I should add that it was a very long time since i saw it. And its a fuzzy memory. So take my description with a grain of salt, i might have gotten some things wrong. And while i dont got nightmares from it, i did feel pretty bad when i saw it haha. So that i tought it was scary, might affect my memory too.


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