Music Video – Beach, model girls, unatractive guy, boat, dream, dog

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Music Video

Its a guy on a beach in a speedo. He finds beach ball that belongs to 3 girls in bikini’s on a boat. He goes to the boat and they dance and party the rest of the video clip. Each girl has a difrent colour of bikini. Green, blue and red i think.

The guy isnt attractive but the girls look like models. At the end they start kissing him and the dude wakes up from his dream to find his dog kissing him.

I used to listen to this when i was a kid because it was always in my YouTube recommended but i don’t remember the artist or the sing title.

I think one of the lyrics was: ‘how did we get this way,’ but i’m not sure because my english was’nt very good back then. I think they were also in a hot tub and he was first spying on them with binoculars.

There could be some details wrong about mv discription because i dont remember it very vividly. Sorry for the spelling mistakes but english isnt my mother tongue.

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