Music Video – Boys Travel and Dance Around Campfire

by Neigh

This music video follows two groups of boys. Both groups leave a suburban type area in the morning and travel on two separate trips. One group is younger (late preteens to early teens), and gets there by biking, or maybe they were walking. The other group is older (late teens to early twenties), and take a truck, which some of them road in the back of.

Both groups end up out in nature, and appear to be in the same place but they don’t run into each other. I remember dancing around a campfire.

I don’t remember what the song sounded like, but I think it was a pop song, released sometime during this century. I am not sure, but I think it was a band. I think it was sung by a male singer, or male singers.

This music video is live-action, and in color.

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