Music Video – Death of young male by car accident

by S L B

Music Video

So it is about a boy meets girl, but it shows how their day would have gone if they hadn’t met each other 1st, then time rewinds, they meet in an elevator. They go to a (bar?), spread a sugar packet’s content over the table, someone draws a heart in it.

A convertible is driven at some point. Either entire song sung by a female or most is. At the end, which is in the day they spent together, boy is runover. The EMS person puts a sheet over the boy’s head (cause the boy is dead), few seconds later, the boy removes it himself, and it looks like he is in his room, restarting that day

The music video was on youtube until recently-ish. Don’t have to be able to see the video, but it is driving me insane that I cannot remember the song itself.

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