Music video: dystopia; girl hides chip in her mouth

by Laura

I’m looking for a song and I can’t remember the title or the band, so.

The video clip started in some sort of public market (with a South Asian vibe and some futuristic details). A girl was handed some chip and hide it in her mouth, then ran away from the cops (who were dressed with masks that made them look like giant insects).

A guy helped her and they kept hiding and running from the cops, but at the end he betrays her: he kisses her and steals the chip back.

There was a yellow scarf or something? I think the guy gave it to her.

The song was catchy and fast-paced.

I’ve been looking for the song for a while but I can’t seem to remember anything else that’d make it easier, so thanks in advance to anyone who helps me here 🙂

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