Music video female in white dress shirt only

by Johnnhoij

this kept me up driving me crazy.

a music video from the 80s: a woman either fair-skinned, or light-skinned wearing an oversized male white dress shirt as a nightgown, or otherwise black relaxed slacks.

I think she had a top hat and cane, possibly a tie. thinking that Charlie chaplain style.

can’t recall the actual song, but my brain is tying it to deniece Williams let’s hear it for the boy, and, kind of video style of Mariah Careys someday (the classroom scenes), even though much earlier than mariah. I think around Taylor Dane’s hay day. around safire. music style i believe 80s pop.

going crazy over it. f’n brain is not gonna stop till I find it… ?

don’t think the video was obscure, or abstract (so to speak as most videos at that time were abstract) .

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