Music Video Guy keeps refilming a scene and gets frustrated

Music Video

Guy in a red cap keeps refilming a scene in the music video and gets more tired and sick of it as the music video progresses. He was Caucasian with brown hair (beard).

Girl he films the scene with comes after him at then end and kisses him. Girl has a short bob with bangs (blonde) she’s wearing a blue dress (short and sleeveless) she’s got on black gloves (i dont know what you call it mesh fabric?). Both on the thin side and Caucasian.

I don’t know what else to add i think it came out pretty recently (2018) but not 100% sure. It was really cute and comical and the song wasn’t bad (but don’t know for sure just heard it once and was paying more attention to the mv).

It came on a music channel as i was watching tv…. yeah… heh… if you know it please let me know! <3

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