Music Video – Guy pov follows girlfriend pours drink on her breakup

So this is a music video that did not sing the lyrics of the song. It’s just a video that is playing while the music is playing and the lyrics aren’t synced to the characters in the music video. Almost as if the video is just a video to a song.

I remember it’s a guy’s point of video and he follows his girlfriend and they’re happy at the start of the video. Towards the end of the music video, the guy and his girlfriend get into a fight when he sees his girlfriend talking to other guys at a bar?

And they leave together from the bar and onto a sidewalk and he gets some random guy’s drink and pours it on her and shes yelling at him and leaves but all the audio from the couple cannot be heard as the music of the music video is being played. This is all in the daytime.

I’d say it could be anywhere from 2010 to 2016? Please help me find the music video/song. The characters in the music video are white. It’s a couple who starts out happy from the guys perspective/pov and end up breaking up after the boyfriend poured a drink on his girlfriend.

Thanks in advance.

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