Music video – Human mail

So i have a pretty foggy memory about this one, and i remember only the music video.

This is about a boy and a girl, they live far away from each other, and they dont really have the money to hop on a plane,and visit the other, so they argue on the phone in the beginning. And after that, they show the man furnishing a rather large cardboard box, put on some fairy lights, and sending himself to the girl.

There are some snippets of the band playing in a big hangar type of place, and they show the girl hesitating, trying to figure out what to do. At the end of the video they show the guy arriving to the girls door, hopping out of the box, and knocking on the door, and then they show the girl sitting on an airplane.

This video was played on MTV in the early 2000’s, around 2004 i think. Can someone please help me find it? I’ve been looking for this for more than 10 years now..

Thanks in advance

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