Music Video I found in 2011 but probably not from that year.

by Hari

found it in 2011, it wasn’t from that year I think but I forgot it and can’t find it.

It starts side shot of a man sitting in a chair against a wall. There is a lamp next to him on a table and books and such nearby. A guitar flies from outside the shot and he catches it. He plays a few notes, puts the guitar down and then crawls up the wall which is revealed to be the floor as the song kicks in. I can’t remember much of the rest of the video. There’s a person sleeping on a surface and his friends wake him up and they go on a journey across countries but its all on a continuous set made of coloured cardboard and card. After their journey they walk off the set into a party and the song ends with the name of the song on a CD or vinyl stopping.

I can’t remember the band or the title.

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