music video – I remember the setting in a hospital

I watched it when I was a kid and I can’t remember what song it was so I can’t find the music video.

All I remember was, it took place on a hospital. I think there was an accident involving a couple. It was either the guy or the girl who was running around the hospital and I think there’s a twist in the end where the one who is running is already a soul? Or one of them is in a coma?

Please help me. I really want to remember this. I don’t remember if it was a rock song or what. I think the beat was a little mid-tempo like lips of an angel type of songs? I think it was also sung by a band? I watched the music video on youtube and maybe I was in elementary that day or pre school. I think it was early 2005 or 2006 and above. I’m from the Philippines and it was an english song. The video was in color but it was kinda dark or dim.

Please heeeeelp, I’ve been searching this for YEARS.

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