Music Video – It was a female singer and it was sad, the last time I Listened to it was in 2012 meaning it was before that year

by Leoni webb

Music Video

My memory of it is very faint.

I just remembered that it was a female singer and at around the middle/end of the video there where 3 black skinny looking figures and through out it was very depressing with what I remember a bit of blood and thorns and I think in the video she was running away,

I can’t remeber anything about the song even when it was my favourite, the style was definitely not rock but very sad electro music is the closest I could call it.

I was very young and I saw it on the computer screen of my mums friend’s son 6 years ago and he was listening to it and I think the platform he used was YouTube, I would want to ask him but I’m sure he doesn’t remember, nor me as we haven’t seen each other since 6 years ago and even before then it was only once of twice, so I’m really hoping one of you know what it’s called.

I know I was very vague so I don’t think you’ll be able to find it but it was one of my number ones and I’m kicking myself for not being able to remember it, thank you.

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