Music Video – Man chasing train down for woman

Music Video

So I can’t remember the song name or the people who sang it, and I can’t really remember what the song lyrics were. But I can remember the music video.

I was watching TV one day and turned on a channel that would sometimes show off Youtube videos, and this one came on. I liked the music, so I took a mental note of it. After so long I forgot what it was.

The man watched his love ride off in a train, her watching him through a window. Then he decides, he’s not going to lose her. Doesn’t want to part with her. So he chases after the train, through a desert and running and breaking through buildings and jumping over fences and whatnot.

Gets to the next stop, she gets off and he gets on the train to look for her. They don’t notice each other. So the train closes it’s doors and they look at the train and out the window, and they see each other.

Now it’s her turn to chase after him, and she’s running through the desert and swimming through lakes after him, until he comes to a stop at a train station. She busts through one of the walls and they embrace one another and walk off, united.

I think he had a beard and she had somewhat reddish hair. Help.

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