Music video – Man jumps out of window trying to escape a group of skinheads, 3 different endings

by arleem

I’m looking for a 2000s alternative rock song (probably american).

The music video of this song starts off with the frontman lying on the floor after jumping out the second floor window of a house, then he wakes up and starts running on the streets trying to escape a group of skinheads or thugs. He tries to run through a group of nuns during this chase (they hold him up).

At the end he encounters a girl driving the car he tries to reach to escape the chase. The whole story is repeated 3 times with different endings.

On the first run, he is unable to reach the car and is caught by the skinheads, after which he again wakes up as in the first scene.

On the second run, he reaches the street on which the car drove before the car and is run over by it, after which he again wakes up as in the first scene.

On the third run, he is able to signal the car to stop and persuade the girl driving it of letting him into the car and they both drive away and escape the thugs.


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