Music Video – please help i’m desperate – about a breakup

by Billie

Music Video

Okay so;

From what I remember, the song is about a breakup, more specifically a cheating boyfriend.

It’s a woman singing but something tells me the artist is a band.

The song is quite slow tempo and it’s a mixture between singing and monologue parts (at one point she is talking about how he had proposed to her and they were going to get married but obviously marriage was off).

The music video in itslef is of a young blonde girl, it’s set in automn/winter, she is wearing a huge wooly jumper and for the most part she’s outside by a tree kicking piles of leaves about.

Also, the woman talking and singing has quite a strong eastern european accent.

I listened to the song in 2012/2013 and I’m pretty sure it came out around then.

Thank you to anyone who can help me because this is honestly drinving me crazy.

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