Music Video – Recent indie/punk song. Young looking band in the street.

Music Video

I was listening to an indie song on youtube and I saw a thumbnail for a video that interested me so I clicked on it and I was into it but then forgot about it a day later. I’ve been trying to find it ever since.

It’s a young looking band walking down the middle of the street. I believe one of them may have been carrying a guitar. I also think the opening lyric to the song was “I don’t f***ing care anymore”.

I have since searched through my youtube viewing history but to no avail, I believe it may have been deleted from youtube or I just suck at searching for it.

I saw this video around a year ago. It had a few like it was sort of recent, maybe 2012-2017ish.. closer to 2017 if I had to guess.

The artist is a group, I’m 95% sure of it. I also believe the video/band is from America, not sure where exactly..

The video was shot in summer I think. I only remember that the band was walking down the street in the middle of the suburbs, they were walking towards the camera.

The music was mid to fast paced, closer to fast paced. The band was young looking, possibly teenagers, if not then their early twenties I would say. I can’t remember if there were other people in the video.

The video was in colour, not black and white. The video was also not animated. I was viewing this video from Canada if that’s of any significance.

Any help with this would be SUCH a relief as I’ve been searching for this forever! Thank you so much for reading and trying to help if you do! I appreciate it so much

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