Music Video set in a foggy forest with a banquet- Tim Burton/Steampunk style


I’m trying to find a music video that I believe was set in a forest with very cheap fog affects and not so crisp camera quality (think music videos of the nineties/early 2000s).

I saw this music video when I was around 8 or so. So approximately the early 2000s but the actual song could be earlier. I saw it on MTV on TV. From what I remember it had a kinda pop rock feel to it.

It featured these people having a banquet or dinner in the woods. There was like a steampunk kinda Tim Burton-esque style to the characters. I remember quite vividly that there was a fat woman (not the singer), laughing and caked in make-up like 17th century style.

The video is in colour and not animated. I saw the video in South Africa if that makes any difference. It also had alot of jumpcuts, and close-ups on the different characters in their various steampunk kinda get ups (goggles with multiple lenses, messed up features, that kinda thing)

That is all I can remember from it I hope someone can help me find it because I have been searching for years now and have not gotten any closer to the video.

Thanks for any help ^^

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