Music video set in a laundromat

by steph

Music video starts with some kid riding his skateboard and then the scene changes to a laundromat with a bunch of different people in it (some lady with a bird in a cage, some guys with glitter and braids), there is a chick in there that is trying to get her boyfriends(??) attention and then she slaps his phone out of his hand.

The kid that was riding the skateboard comes in and starts his laundry, the rude girl starts like flirting/dancing with him and then the song starts. The whole time the band is standing at the front of the laundromat, kind of guarding the room (lead singer is a guy with curly hair?) and everybody starts dancing. The kid from the beginning and the chick that was rude to her boyfriend sneak out the door at the end.

I think it is a pop song and I listened to it back in 2014/2015 a lot but I have no idea of when it could have come out.

I legit cannot think of a single word of the song so I apologize for that. It’s driving me nuts because it is on the tip of my tongue!

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