Music Video SIMS style women by the poolside

by Shannon

I am trying to find the artist/song details of a music video I saw on MTV in 2014/2015 I think.

The song is pop/dancey and upbeat and simple. It is sung by a woman with bright pink or red hair whom features in the video.

The video is of four women by a pool in suburbia bobbing their heads and holding cocktails. At one point the cocktail glasses are all empty and the women all have ugly crying/screaming faces until their drinks magically refill.

The style of the video is bright and clean barbie doll style that reminds me of the SIMS computer game, especially when the glasses refill out of nowhere (it is reminiscent of Aqua’s Barbie Girl video).

The song itself is about a perfect life or enjoying summer or something similar. I think the message is meant to be satirical but it’s just way too enjoyable to take it seriously.

Please help me figure this out I get the tune in my head all the time but can’t recall the lyrics to be able to Google the song.

Thank you so much! ☺

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