Music video – Slow-med. tempo R&B/soulful song

by Ana W.nastasia Wilson

Music video

Can’t teally remember much. A guy friend introduced me to the song and I would watch the video on YouTube in the summer of 2016. Although I don’t know if that’s when it originates.

The singer was a black male, prolly not younger than 30.

It had a lot of outdoor shots and there was green trees. I think he wore something with red. I think he had a beard or facial hair. Like he was sitting in the back of a van.

I think it was a love-type if song. Like I got your back. But I’m not sure if those are actual lyrics. My friend cannot remember what so g I may be thinking because there lack of my details.

But I was going through a divorce and listening to music that would fit that mood. 🤔😔 Any help?

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