Music video: song style soft punk i guess?

Can’t remember a lot about the music video but ill try to explain it best I can, for reference, I think its a more obscure song, found on youtube initially

The video starts with a cardboard box sliding around on the floor in what look like an ally? or industrial area. during this bit instrumentals play without singing.
next, the singer shows up, I can’t remember if he just appears or of he gradually comes to frame.
next, he starts singing and walking in time as the camera backs away keeping him in a full body shot.

the appearance of the singer is as follows, he has really wild spiky white hair and is wearing what I can remember as an old daggy suit.

the video is shot in some crome black and white colour.

that’s all I can remember about it

if anyone knows the song and artist then that would be sick, cheers

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