Music video where the singer keeps getting offered plastic beer cups

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The music video is set during a midnight party in an abandoned house ( not exactly abandoned, more like in construction) the entire video is inside the house. there are 40-50 young people partying, all have beer cups in their hands, although you never see liquid inside them. during the song the video keeps cutting to someone offering the artist another beer cup.

the begining of the video shows him entering the party with a friend. his friend had 2 braids in the front of his hair.

in one of the scenes he wakes up with a pile of beer cups on top of him.

in another he is on a balcony on the top floor looking down at the party.

there are several repeated scenes of the people dancing with each other.

he tries to leave the house but is never able too and is always being offered another beer cup.

don’t remember any lyrics although i remember most of the video lol

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