Music Video – White suited, helmeted,philanthropic, aliens save post apolocptic earth.

by Joseph Jj Joseph

Music Video

The song is uptempo, a club sound, the group had one name plural like “aliens” but that wasn’t it if course.

The video is very white (not race wise, color wise). It is post apolocptic Earth and everyone is in like a desert wearing like burlap bags and there dirty and I believe being oppressed by others, and b then these aliens, men in white jumpsuits and helmets 4 or 5, come down and they start zapping all b the bad and everything becomes bright and white they’re not wearing white togas instead of burlap .

At I’ve point in the video the lead singer had his helmet of and is in the left side of the screen actually lipsynching the worfs he is a redhead with a full cropped beard and b he had black lipstick on. The video ends by an alien giving a little kid an apple and the camera pans to the the kids holding the Apple and be smiling. (As opposed to being filthy and crying as in the opening shots) .

The song is about finding a better way or something like that , a sign of hope, but I can’t remember one line from the song. I think the group was like “Ortrons” or something like that, probably way off. The lead singer kinda looked like Chris Elliot a bit.

By the way, the page I am writing in won’t let me add my name so here it is…Joe Nucifora, Las Vegas,NV thanks in advance for all help.

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