Music Video with a girl with beautiful eyes walking down the street

Yesterday I saw a music video about a girl that was walking down the street and she had almost-white eyes, like a real pale blue. She had black hair and denim shorts*, if I’m correct. She was walking down the street and saw 3 girls jumping a rope, then saw 2 black guys dancing, one of them wearing a tank top*, and a homeless guy. The homeless guy then started dancing along with the two black guys, then she tossed a coin to the homeless guy.

She kept walking and saw what I think was a pimp and a girl, then another “girl”, whom I believe was a drag queen. Then I don’t remember the rest.

The girl WAS NOT SINGIN, she was just walking. It was more likely a boy-band, and a piece of lyrics was “for the very first time”. I’m guessing the video was recent, since the quality was nice. I believe it was something like pop or synthpop.

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