music video with boy and girl that meet at dance. they leave and get hit by car.

by Jeff Harris
(Charlotte, NC)

– What is the music video’s genre: pop

– saw it on YouTube

– watched video between 2012 -2016

– i seem to remember the artist having an individual’s name

– Where does the video take place? at a dance hall.

– What are some of the lyrics? There are lyrics but i can’t remember any.

– Is the music slow, fast or mid-tempo? fast.

– What do the artists look like? Just one guy, singing on a stage with a stand-up microphone, looking cool, and occasionally doing a quick, slick dance move.

– What do any other people in the video look like? mostly just young people.

– Is the video in color? yes.

– Is it animated? no.

– In what country did you see the video? U.S.

– Does it include clips from a movie or tv show? no.

– Any other helpful information. The song starts out kind of slow, while the main boy and girl make their way into the dance hall. They see each other from across the way and smile at each other. they go out to the dance floor and dance and the song really gets going. The song is winding down and they are racing down a long set of stairs to leave the building. They open up the door and run out to be instantly run over by a car.

The same artist has another video that was released after this that starts out with a newspaper or television mentioning that a couple hit by a car have survived serious injuries.

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