Music video with drag queens dancing and touching mans face

Hunting for a song I heard he other day. Saw the music video. I only saw parts of it.

The main singer was a white guy with a buzz cut hair, black hair. I believe also a leather jacket. The video was set at first in what looked like a dark room with mirrors, the main singer was lying on the floor. This transitioned to a room with a ‘pinkish’ theme. The most distinctive thing I remember was this video had a number of drag queens, thin drag queens, doing semi burlesque style dancing.

During the chorus the main singer is in a chair, and the drag queens are stroking his face while he is singing. This video I believe was released some point between 2015 & 2018, I cant be certain but it’s probably closer to 2018.

Saw video in the UK, and it was on the Puregym (uk gym franchise) video playlist between June and July 2018. Sorry for the lack of descriptive information I hope you can help.

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