Music Video with two sisters and mean “mom” with a beard

by SB
(Me )

Music Video starts out with two sisters, one blonde and the other with glasses. I think the mom, who’s played by a man with a beard in a wig, is berating her in Spanish and tells her she should be more like her blonde sister, who isn’t actually as nice as she pretends to be.

The blonde goes out on the town while the other stays home and does chores. Later she’s in the movie theater watching herself singing in the music video without glasses. At the end she talks to the screen and incredulously asks “that’s how it ends?” Herself on the screen answers back and says if she doesn’t like it she can go make up her own story.

Outside she starts awkwardly practicing the dance moves while walking down the sidewalk until her movements become sexy. A guy riding past on bicycle sees her and then crashes into something. She helps him up and then they start dancing together. Her blonde sister comes across them and is shocked. At home, the mom is seen dancing to the same music alone with a mop or broom.

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