Music video – Woman in red dress on stage Who or what is this? ZC

My wife is going crazy. She is trying to remember the name of the song and band in this music video.

The details are as follows: Woman in her 20’s dressed in a red dress and with red nails comes up to a stage of what looks to be school audition for some event. A teacher says next before she arrives on the stage.

The music is rock or a pop rock theme with a fast tempo. She starts the song by going “Ahhh aahhhh nnnnaaaahhh aaahhhh ” for getting the vocal tone of the song.

One part of the lyric later in the song ” Nobody loves you like I do , like I dooo” then she goes back to “aaahhh aaahh ahhhh ” almost like it’s part of the chorus.

Please help us. We think it’s 90’s or late 80’s

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