Musicvideo heads in briefcases in airport

I need to know the artist or the song. The only thing I seem to remember quite vividly is the music video of the song.

Two guys wearing suits arrive (maybe by taxi or car?) at an airport. Don’t know 100% sure it was an airport but I’m pretty convinced.

The guys both have briefcases each containing a head. Not a severed head or anything. There was no blood, the heads were functioning although there was no body attached to it. They had a lot of expressions on their faces. They seemed to feel every bump the briefcases made.

Most of the time you were able to see these heads from te inside in those briefcases.
I even seem to recall that the two man carrying them supplied the heads with a drink. Using a straw. It was kinda goofy.

I’m quite positive they were fugitives and possibibly there could have been a chase where they outsmarted the authorithies by getting into an elevator. There they changed heads and escaped for good. (It could be that the other heads ended up being carried in those briefcases, again I’m not sure. Would make sense though)

For a long time I was convinced that the song was by artist Laurent Garnier. But that isn’t the case. I think that is because his music video Sound of the Big Babou had some similarities. It was also an instrumental song. It was telling a story, entertaining and even head an elevator in it.

I also thought the song was called James Bond theme. Because I’ve could have sworn it was an instrumental tune bearing great resemblance to the James Bond or Mission Impossible tune.

But turns out my memory probably morphed Moby’s James Bond Theme together with this music video? Maybe because the music had strong similarities?

I know for sure that the song came out in 1997, 1998 or 1999. Maybe even in 2000.

Who can help me out? It’s driving me insane!

Ps: I’m from the Netherlands. It wasn’t a Dutch artist though.

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