Need to find a spanish (mexican/latin) song. song wave dancing

by dejan markovic

Well I remember it was 2000’s (100% sure of it). The song was sung in spanish where a guy has chorus “tengo mi chanera” or something like that (at least it sounds to me since I don’t speak spanish and the song is some 10 years old.

The video featured a guy playing acoustic guitar and when the song wave hit people they start dancing, as the song goes on, the wave keeps more and more people dancing until it sudenly stops and goes backwards and as it hits those same dancing people, they start to vanish until it comes to the guy playing and it ends he gets up and goes on.

Please help me out, I heard it again few days back and I spend at least 20 hours searching internet for it. Please.

please if you figure it out send me a email on [email protected]

twitter @cookiesneedlov3

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