Obscure 90s Instrumental Rocking Song

One night (probably sometime between 1996 and 1998) I recorded a song (or at least most of it) from a Virginia radio station onto cassette but didn’t catch the name of the song or group, and my cassettes have for reasons beyond my control since been discarded. I was wondering if anyone familiar with songs played back then might have a clue as to what song I’m trying to remember.

The song was probably at least 10 or 15 minutes long (maybe longer) and was a totally different type of song than I had ever heard before.

It was basically just an instrumental rock or alternative rock-type song (terrific fast-pace beat with great drums and probably guitar), and the only vocals during the song were “stop it, don’t open that door” at least once or twice. I’ve learned from searching on YouTube that these exact words are from the Resident Evil video game, and when I heard this phrase while listening to it on YouTube, I’m positive that it’s the exact same voice as the voice in my mystery song.

However, in listening to the soundtrack from the Resident Evil video games, I couldn’t find my mystery song as the song I’m searching for is not at all the same type of music that’s in any of the Resident Evil videos.

I believe that the song must be from a group not having anything to do with the video game who perhaps just used the “stop it, don’t open that door” phrase in their song. You can only imagine how desperate I am for someone to help me identify this song because I absolutely loved this song, and it’s driving me crazy not knowing the title or artist! I’d truly appreciate it if there’s a chance that you could possibly help me.

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