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Ohio Players music – Popular songs by the Ohio Players…


Body Vibes (body vibes uh-huh, body vibes make you feel alive) – 1977 

Ecstasy (loving you is ecstasy to me) – 1973 

Everybody Up (space space space space, out in your dance c’mon and dance with me) – 1979

Far East Mississippi (far east Mississippi we ought to love one another) – 1976 

Feel The Beat (Everybody Disco) (music has a freedom that will set your body to freedom) – 1977 

Fire (the way you walk and talk really sets me off to a full alarm child) – 1975 

Fopp (fop pin – the way it makes you go, everybody was fop pin – everywhere you go) – 1975/1976 

From Now On (Let’s Play) – 1988 

Funk-O-Nots (are you feeling funky or not; to funk or not or not to funk) – 1978 

Funky Worm (me and the Ohio Players are gonna tell you about a worm, he’s the funkiest worm in the world) – 1973 

Good Luck Charm (Part 1) – 1977 

I Want To Be Free (and one morning I won’t be afraid to leave) – 1974/1975

Jive Turkey (Part 1) – 1974 

Love Rollercoaster (rollercoaster of love rollercoaster ooh ooh ooh; your love is like a roller coaster baby baby I wanna ride) – 1976 

Magic Trick – 1977/1978

Merry Go Round – 1977 

O-H-I-O (Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio) – 1977 

Pain (Part 1) (tearing me apart) – 1971

Pleasure – 1972 

Rattlesnake – 1976 

Sight For Sore Eyes – 1984 

Skin Tight (you are a bad bad Mrs. in them skin tight britches; skin tight skin tight hold tight) – 1974 

Skinny – 1981 

Sweat – 1988 

Sweet Sticky Thing (you just go from man to man; sweet sweet sticky thing) – 1975 

Time Slips Away – 1978 

Tresspassin’ – 1968 

Try A Little Tenderness – 1981 

Who’d She Coo? (are you ready, do what you wanna do) – 1976 

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