Other Helpful Music Sites

Other helpful music sites for you:


Dub-Culture.com Rap instrumentals & Jamaican music riddim culture version and beats – Dub culture presents knowledge tips and techniques on producing urban electronic instrumental music to afficiandos worldwide.

song-makes-musicbusiness.com – Important information for new songwriters, bands and musicians. All information about songwriting, demo recording, music promotion, the music business, the copyrights, record deals and lots more. Also, there’s a promotion corner with videos of bands, singer-songwriters and musicians with original songs and music.


Instrument Wire – Used Musical Instruments


Piano Lessons – Easy piano lessons for anyone from beginner to advanced. Learn To Play Piano in a Way That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle!

piano-lessons-info.com – Provides information on how to learn and play the piano, how to read music/piano notes, reading and understanding chords, and more.


Total Vocal – An organization passionately devoted to the art of singing!