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Paula Abdul Songs: Do you like Paula Abdul music? Check out these popular songs by Paula Abdul! 


Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up (ain’t never gonna give you up, ain’t never gonna let you down baby) – 1995/1996 

Blowing Kisses In The Wind (blowing kisses in the wind, giving you love that haven’t been given) – 1991 

Cold Hearted (he’s a cold hearted snake look into his eyes, uh oh he’s been telling lies) – 1989 

Crazy Cool (‘cause I’m cool crazy cool, crazy cool with you) – 1995 

Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow – 2008 – Paula Abdul

Forever Your Girl (hey baby you gotta remember I’m forever your girl) – 1989

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If I Were Your Girl – 1995/1996 

I’m Just Here For The Music – 2009 

(It’s Just) The Way That You Love Me (it ain’t the clothes that you wear, it ain’t the things that you buy) – 1989 

Knocked Out (you’ve got me knocked out, turn me inside out) – 1988

My Love Is For Real (if you ask me how I feel, my love is for real) – 1995

One Or The Other (you can only have one or the other, is it gonna be her or is it gonna be me?) – 1988 

Opposites Attract (I take two steps forward you take two steps back, we come together ’cause opposites attract) – 1989/1990 – with the Wild Pair

Promise Of A New Day, The (why do I feel this way, the promise of a new day) – 1991 

Rush Rush (rush rush hurry hurry lover come to me, rush rush I wanna feel you – I wanna feel you free with me) – 1991 

Straight Up (straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever, or am I caught in a hit and run) – 1989 

Vibeology (you know I love what you do when you do what you do, you got me pumped in the groove when you move) – 1992 

Way That You Love Me, The (it’s just the way that you love me) – 1989

Will You Marry Me? (will you marry me boy?) – 1992 

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