Performers Starting With D

On this “Performers Starting With D” page, you can find listings of popular songs grouped by singers beginning with D, bands beginning with D, musicians beginning with D, groups beginning with D and other performers whose names (last names for individuals) start with the letter D. 

In this section, you can look up music artists and performers beginning with D such as Daft Punk, Damage, Danger Mouse, Charlie Daniels, Dappy, Bobby Darin, Darts, Roscoe Dash, Daughtry, Anthony David, Kimberly Davis, Sammy Davis Jr., Spencer Davis Group, Doris Day, A Day To Remember, Taylor Dayne, DCUP, Billy Dean, Death Cab For Cutie, El DeBarge, Kiki Dee, Def Leppard, Gavin DeGraw, Delilah, Kat Deluna, John Denver, Depeche Mode, Jason Derulo, Shawn Desman, Destiny’s Child, Dev, Neil Diamond, Diddy, Diggy, Dion, Celine Dion, Dire Straits, Dirty Money, Dirty Vegas, Disturbed, Beth Ditto and Divine Brown.

Or how about music artists like DJ Drama, DJ Frank E, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, DJ Khaled, DJ Yaleidys, DJ Yiannis, Fefe Dobson, Dr. Dre, Dr. Hook, Antoine Dodson, Kelly Dodson, Fats Domino, Don and Juan, Lonnie Donegan, Donovan, Jason Donovan, Doobie Brothers, Eliza Doolittle, The Doors, Craig Douglas, Down With Webster, Dragonette, Drake, Drifters, Drowning Pool, Dru Hill, Duffy, Whitney Duncan, Holly Dunn, Ronnie Dunn, Tiffany Dunn, Duran Duran, Bob Dylan and many more! 

Def Leppard Songs

Neil Diamond Songs

Duran Duran Songs

Bob Dylan Songs


Are you looking for more singers starting with D or bands starting with D including pop bands, alternative rock bands, punk rock bands, country bands and rap groups? Well you can search the Internet here:

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