Please help me find a music video (been lookin' forever!). - leaving the house for the day

Music video

The song is sung by a single white female artist. I believe it starts simply, with her getting up and leaving the house for the day.

As she walks along she puts up her phone as if to take a picture, but instead, uses her finger to manipulate what she sees, when she lowers her phone, the scenery has actually been changed. For example, she puts her phone up over a light-post and uses her finger to make the light-post really really tall, when she puts her phone down the light-post is actually tall and is now falling over by the new weight added to it.

This is all I remember, her manipulating and phsyically changing the scenery using her phone. I believe one does not even see the singer herself, just what she herself sees as she walks along. The song has a simple title, and I believe is a popular video from a popular singer. I think it may take place in the U.K. but am not sure about that. I think the video is two or three years old, but perhaps a bit older.

I have spent long hours looking for this video (that I only saw once or twice) so if anyone can help me out, I will be very grateful. I just thought it was a cool video, creative, and very original, and I would like to see it again.

Sincerely, Michelle M.

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