Please identify this hiphop/rap song by an African-American artist. It appears in a movie/fight scenes/chase scenes.

by Ayush
(Delhi, India)

I heard it long time back so I have only faint memories. But it suddenly the chorus rhyme came to mind and I can’t get it out of my head. Here are the details:-

*There’s a guy in a car and he’s locked in. The main artist sings the verses and the tempo picks up gradually.
*Most important detailAt the chorus/main part of the song, every phrase the artist sings is followed by a screaming/shouting voice. This voice is actually edited/modded to fit in the overall fast-paced tune/tempo so it is not out of place. It is a genuine part of the song and is repeated again and again.
*Short song, less than 4 minutes. Again, fast-paced. Original video has explosions/action scenes.

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