Pop song video of dark-haired woman taking a shower

by Mex

Hi guys, I’ve been driving myself crazy with looking for a song that was sung by a woman sometime between 2000 and 2005 i guess.

It was a video (on MTV maybe) of a dark haired woman taking a shower while looking into the camera and singing, then she went on and dried her hair, I remember one scene being taken as if she was standing and singing on a balcony of her flat, and then she went outside and the end of the music video was of her walking on a beach towards a big beach house, with the curtains flowing in the air and inside of the house, everything was covered in white covers (the furniture).

It was a nice song, I guess it was pop, can’t really remember. But the video has been stuck in my head for ETERNITY and I can’t seem to get closer to the answer!!
PLEEEEEAASEEEEE someone help me!! I will be eternally grateful (for a change :D) THANKS!!

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