Pop song? within the last few years

All I can remember is the music video and that it was a male singer.

The video went like this. A guy bringing home random women, possibly hookers, night after night. On the surface he might look like a player who has it all but he's obviously depressed and using women as an escape. After each encounter he gets drunk or takes a shower and obviously regrets what he's doing every night and hates his life.

At the end of the video he commits suicide in his bed and a woman comes in and lays down next to him. I think the point was supposed to be that she was the one he was in love with and he ended it because he couldn't be with her.

I think most of the video had pretty dark lighting. I remember it as a pop song from sometime within the last 4 years. It was fairly popular.

I've been searching for artists like Charlie puth and Shawn Mendes to try to find it because something about their music reminds me of it.

Hopefully someone out there can help. Thanks to anyone who can.

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