Pop/electro song with an trumpet intro

Hi , so i’m searching from a while now a particular song who stay in my head ,i exaclty renember the song tune and i have also some mental images of the video clip .

First this song is sang by a English(i think) Band


The song begin with only a “slow “trumpet solo ( no singer/no bass ect)
this solo (10-25 sec) look like at some sort of mariachi trumpet solo
After this solo a singer begin to sing (slow rhythm remain) ( no more trumpet or other instrument)(10 – 30 sec )then a eltro/techno/pop music (the rytm change , he becomming fast and dynamic) and after that (every 20-25sec) the singer sing and stop singing

Clip :

On the video clip you see first , a man with a wooden crutch enter in some sort of house with a group of persons .
Then the man drink something , after that we can see some kind of “priest” put their hand on some members of the group ,

the vision of the main character begin trouble ( Shot who define a vision trouble )

and at the end of the clip the man escape with a woman ( they running into a wood) and when they looking backward they saw the house destroy by a tornado ( or a divine laser (i’m not sure)

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