Possibly Asian/Foreign song. - I think it had weird noises to it and the whole song was at a below average speed

by Maxwell

I remember very little about this song. All I remember about it is that I don't think it was English. Probably Asian(maybe Korean). It had a female(possibly multiple singing in harmony or just one with effects on her voice) and a deep voiced male singer singing alongside.

I remember the song sounding very strange. I think it had weird noises to it and the whole song was at a below average speed. I don't remember it being fast at all. The girls voice could be considered annoying to some and the guys voice was unusually deep.

I don't remember any comprehensible lyrics because I think it was in another language, but I do remember making jokes about what I thought they said. Specifically about a part where I thought the girl(s) saying something that sounded like "We are (the) water. We are germs". I'm assuming that that wasn't what she and/or they actually said because it was in another language, but that's what I remember it sounding like.

I listened to this song with my dad in the car sometimes. I remember him telling me mixed information about what the song was.

He either said one or two of the following.
-"The band is called Tool" (I don't think that's right though because it had a female singer)
-"This is a Korean band"
-"This is a brother sister band"
Just in case that this song falls in the same genre as the other stuff my father listened to, he was a big fan of Tool. He listened to Puscifer's "Dozo" a lot and possibly other Puscifer's songs as well.

I believe the song might have been a bit lengthy.
These two songs remind me of it. I'll post the two links a long with the time stamps of the parts that remind me of the song the most.
Time Stamp: (00:08 - 00:21)
Time Stamp: (00:15 - 00:42)

I know that this might be a challenge and that all of this is very vague, but I'm confident that you all can do it. Even a list of songs that might fit the profile will be much appreciated.

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