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Bad Boy (they call me nasty, they call me bad) – 1984 

Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (bang your head, metal health will drive you mad) – 1983

Callin’ The Shots (baby who’s calling the shots, I thought it was me I guess it’s not) – 1977 

Come On Feel The Noise – see below

C*m On Feel The Noize (come on feel the noise, girls rock your boys) – 1983

Don’t Wanna Let You Go (don’t wanna let you go, not gonna get far from me) – 1983

Highway To Hell (I’m on a highway to hell) (cover version) – 2004

It’s Not So Funny (it’s not so funny, just a kid – nobody listens to me) – 1977 

Let’s Get Crazy (get down, let’s get crazy right now) – 1983 

Little Angel (take a ride with me little angel, spend the night with me little angel) – 1993

Love’s A B**ch (love’s a b**ch, yes it’s crazy) – 1983

Mama Weer All Crazee Now (I don’t want to drink my whiskey like you do, I don’t need to spend my money but still do) – 1984 

Mama We’re All Crazy Now – see Mama Weer All Crazee Now 

(Metal Health) Bang Your Head (bang your head, metal health will drive you mad) – 1983

Party All Night (party all night – yeah, all night long – 1984 

Slick Black Cadillac (drivin’ in a slick black Cadillac, it’s got solid gold hub caps) – 1978/1979/1983

Stay With Me Tonight (stay with me tonight, stay forever) – 1988

Thunderbird (fly on thunderbird fly) – 1983

Twilight Hotel (at the Twilight Hotel check your soul at the door, they’ve got memories to sell and so much more) – 1986 

Wild And The Young, The (the wild and the young they all have their dreams, the wild and the young they’ve got to be free) – 1986 

Winners Take All (together we stand, we won’t take no more ’cause we’re winners and winners take all) – 1984 

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