Rap Video

Rap video

-He was ghost riding a lambo in the beginning. It had butterfly doors and one door is up. I think it was a white lambo? He’s driving on this long deserted road where you can see lots of plain land.

-The atmosphere has this dark vibe even though the beginning part is during that day. and has a blue hue to it? Maybe even low saturation

-This wasn’t a mainstream song

-He is fair skin, and young. Seems like early 20’s. Slender.

-I’m pretty sure he is the only one in the video

-Its scenic and he is under a bridge at night time at some point I think?

-Not sure about this one: but I think he was holding a flag out the car? I might be thinking of another video.

-The video isn’t too long

-Released about 4 years ago?

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