Rap/reggae girl in a village dancing song name had “Music” in it?

So I faintly remember this song that I can’t find anymore.

I think it was a popular song a couple of years ago. I remember the video had this maybe blonde girl in a village dancing with the people and there was a black guy doing the chorus I think.

The main theme was about “music”, like how it sets you free after work or when you’re having a bad day.
It had this pop, reggae, rap feel to it.

The female singer was in colorful clothes and she was interacting/dancing with the people (mostly black) in the village. And then I think they drove around in a pickup truck too.

At first I thought it was Iggy Azalea or Rihanna, but I can’t find the video. Maybe it was someone new, not that famous at the time.

Lyrics were something like : Anna anna (quickly) and then the catchy tune, maybe involving the words music.

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