Really cool Thai boxing music video

by MarinkovicMinaMarinkovic MinaMk MinaMina
(Zealand NewZealand New)

So I saw this music video on mtv. I think it was a best of the 2000s of some sort and for the music video itself it was about an asian boxer (I’m quite sure it was Thai, maybe Philippine) getting ready and then having a boxing fight (maybe wrestling)

it was a desaturated video focused on one, I think man, getting ready in his boxing gear and then fighting against another man and then a eventual winner. I’m pretty sure there were closeups on aspects of his outfit and then the fight moves.

And for the song itself it was a really cool electric sort of repetitive techo esqe sound with barely any lyrics. I think reapeated throughout the song was one key word which is probably the title of the song. The word was in English and something to that do with aggression. I think fury, fight, fire, some word along those lines.

I saw this about a few months ago. I really want to hear and watch this music video again I adored it so much I was so captivated that I didnt focus on the name of it arghhh!!

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