You have so many different choices for cell phone ringtones these days that they really can become pretty overwhelming and complicated.  How do you find the perfect ones?

Customized Tones

You will probably want to forget about the simple default choices that come with the cell phones. When these little default tones were first released, they were kind of fun. But, not so much anymore.

The real fun is in the tones you can customize to our own tastes.

Not only can these tones be pretty amusing, but they can also be very helpful – especially when you use them to identify who incoming calls are coming from. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and see that a phone call is coming from a distant cousin who you know is calling to borrow money for an expensive pair of shoes, you probably don’t want to answer it.

And, you have plenty of options on how you may obtain them. You can download free ringtones for a cell phone or purchase special ones. You can even customize them yourself by using a free ringtone creator or through other types of ringtone makers or ringtone software.

– For your funny best friend, goofball neighbor or fun-loving cousin, you may want a silly one.

– For your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, you may want a romantic one.

– For your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend who just won’t leave you alone, you may want a scary one

– For other people in your life, you can have fun coming up with special tones for them based on certain qualities, such as for:

    – What their name or nickname is
    – What they like or don’t like
    – Where they live or would like to live
    – What they look like or what they wear
    – How they act or what they often say
    – What they do for a living
    – Where they like to go and what they like to do for fun
    – What they believe in or what they want
    – Who their favorite band, singer or musician is
    – What their favorite song is
    – What their favorite movie or tv show is
    – What they mean to you or what song reminds you of them

The options of popular songs you can use are practically endless! And, since there are so many choices that you can customize, here are some great ideas:

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