Rock Music video with a girl dancing

There was a music video -can’t remember artist or song, I just remember it was really awesome- where, I think, he was playing the guitar and was showing him singing.

There were video effect with some split screens and some circles (that were video effets, like the girls was dancing in the white circle and there was a greyish-black background then the guy or some figure was shown again singing and stuff like that) and some hot woman was dancing.

The genre was rock, can’t say exactly which (indie?) but I know the video and music was seductive and sexy. All I can remeber about the artist is that he was the son of another well-known artist- again, I can’t remember which artist either. It was a 90’s music video, that I know for sure.

I know it’s vague but I can’t help but remember how in love I was with that song and now I can’t remember even one line.
Please help

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