Rock Song, Roughly 2014, found because its related to “you me at six”

I found a song on youtube about 2014, plus or minus a few months, based on a recommendation from Youtube. I was listening to “room to Breathe” from “You Me at Six” and it was suggested. I clicked on it and loved it but can’t remember what it was called.

After all this time the lyrics are a little hazy but I remember the video in relative perfect detail.

The lead singer of the band, who i believe is the only band member to appear, is seen in three places throughout the video. In one he is in a cell in a form of police station, however no logos and graphics can be seen, its dark and he is being interrogated by an “officer” in a black suit (similar to a fed agent). He also appears on a stretcher going through a hallway and I’m pretty sure they put an oxygen mask on him. There is a third area where it was just him singing.

All areas where dark and non-descript as to simply suggest what they were instead of being actual real world sets. In all of them a woman appears representing his ex (the singer had recently gotten out of a relationship), the fed turns into her after he sweeps papers off the interrogation table, she is behind the stretcher in the “hospital” and at the end her face is shown coming out of a shadow towards the camera.

The song is talking about how she wasn’t supportive and judged him. The closest I can remember to a lyric is the chorus which goes “you haven’t even seen the best of me” or something similar.

The band was small maybe getting airtime on sirusXM on a channel like Octane, where I heard Room to Breathe, but is by no means a pop sensation, a few million views at the most for this video.

Odds are I don’t stand a chance of finding it but who knows.

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