Saw a music video, loved it, can’t find it again

by Birgit Sommer
(Little Elm, TX, USA)

I saw a music video yesterday as an advertisement. The song was awesome and now I can’t find it again.

It was a man and a woman in a room, late 20ies, early 30ies. He had blonde hair and was a DJ (he sang too), she had black longer hair and played a red guitar and sang “drink it”. The rest she sang was too distorted to understand. She pronounced the “r” in drink with a middle eastern accent and she also looked maybe Iranian or so.
I would place this song into the EDM genre.

The ad btw, was playing on the Bandsintown site when I looked at tickets for G-Eazy playing in Dallas. ( The ad today at the same spot, on the left side beneath the Amazon ad with the play/stop button, also playing (a different) video, is from Baeble Music. But I searched that site for hours, googled, dug deep into YouTube…nadda.

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