SBI Review – How I Built My Very Own Online Business

SBI review from an accountant who become the owner and creator of a successful music website. How did that happen? Well, let’s find out…

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The Why…

Creativity…I have some and I really enjoy using it. Using it as an accountant…not so much. There is not much room for creativity in accounting – except for spreadsheets. That is why my favorite part of being an accountant was creating spreadsheets (and doing reconciliations). I know, sounds boring – but those were actually the fun parts;)

After doing accounting for over twenty years, I became severely burnt out. I was always stressed and it took a toll on my health. I was becoming miserable.

The Start…

So, in 2007 I started looking at other avenues of income. And the lure of having my own website business was strong. I could be my own boss. I could be creative. I didn’t have to go on interviews – not my favorite thing;)

But what kind of website would I have? Well, I have two things that I am very passionate about…animals and music. Who Sang That Song immediately came to mind. Perfect!

I Found SBI…

So I started looking into how I could create a website. I read many reviews for systems developed to help build a website. Then I found SBI online through a review for Site Build It (they have since rebranded their name to Solo Build It, SBI for short). This sounded like something I could actually do. And it didn’t sound like a get rich quick scheme. The SBI review sounded very promising; so I read some other SBI reviews and decided to give it a try.

Wow – I was impressed! It was more than just some website builder software. SBI provides all of the necessary training, instructions, software and tools to build a website. Of course I needed to put in the work to add content, but the building of the site itself was made so easy by them.

I was absolutely thrilled to be making extra money doing something I loved! For much of my life I had been looking for ways to become “my own boss” and had not found anything that worked very well for me. With SBI, I finally found something that worked.

I happily quit accounting in 2011 and never looked back!

I tried other programs and subscribed to internet marketing newsletters but kept coming back to SBI. I’ve tried to build websites through different “easy to use” programs. I had to deal with plug-ins, insufficient training, questionable tactics and using different programs from different sites. These programs resulted in a lot of expense, confusion and wasted time.

SBI is so much easier to use, understand and follow. Their program and tools take care of all of the technical stuff and provide a comprehensive action guide, website hosting, ongoing training, support, new features and updated information.

They inform me of important online business changes and do as much work as they can to help me implement these changes in order to minimize the work for me.

Before SBI, I never even remotely imagined that I would have my own website, much less build it myself! Before this site, I could easily make my way through a spreadsheet, but I knew absolutely nothing about building a website. I barely even new how to do much online. Now look at my site!

Even though I chose a highly competitive niche, music – I was able to get some great online traffic by following SBI’s instructions . My site has gone from about 30 pages to hundreds of pages.

So yes, as you can tell by this SBI review – I definitely love SBI (Solo Build It)!

Fake SBI Reviews…

Now please be aware that there are some fake SBI reviews out there claiming that SBI doesn’t work and to use a different site instead. SBI has done a comprehensive comparative study to prove that this is not true. You can see the study results here:


These fake reviews really make me sad because I have nothing but good things to say about SBI. Their system is so comprehensive, efficient, detailed and easy to use. They have a helpful community, and their support team is amazing and always replies quickly. I never feel “alone” with SBI.

Could SBI Work For You?…

Layoffs and downsizing are a huge reality these days. In this tough economy, maybe you’re looking for ways to create an income, increase your income or change your income source.

Or maybe you need to improve your business, find a creative outlet or get your brand (or band, if you’re a musician;) out there.

SBI is well respected in the online world and they have a well-proven track record of success through real reviews and case studies. It is not one of those get rich quick schemes.

As for the price — you will be shocked when you see how affordable it is! Boy, was I surprised.

So, if you ever need or want to create a website – or have a web business – do yourself a big favor and take a look at SBI. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is.

I am proud to use SBI! And yes, If you do decide to try it through one of my links, I will receive earnings (another great perk from Solo Build It! for those who sign up for the affiliate program) that help support this website in providing free information.

Sherry Ochoa-Rounkles

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